Yo, again!  As my first (real) post, I’ve decided to do a review of the first  3-A volume. For those not “in the know”, 3-A (or “Marora Gakuen Tyutobu 3-A”) series of Negima h-doujins created by Gambler Club and the first two just recently got translated into English. Now, on to the review!


In the first volume, the girls of the class are studying “male anatomy ;)” and Asuna is shocked to learn that kids learn about sex as early as age 10. The next morning, she feels “something” pressing against her and decides to join in the studying. Nodoka, Yue, and Haruna find out, which leads to the inevitable orgy. Now, the review.


The art itself is very good, but, as usual in Gambler Club doujins, everything is really sparkly. The blushes, tears, page layouts,etc. are really sparkly and shiny. I dunno, some people might like it, but it’s odd to me. Unfortunately, they chose the black censor bars this time around, but they’re tiny.


There’s not that much of it. There’s a bit of a plot (as opposed to all the “RANDOM SEX! :D” doujins) but not as muck as, say, Negimaru. About 5-6 pages on intro stuff and the rest is one gigantic orgy scene.


Perfect. I’m not sure in terms of actual translation, per se, but the dialogue is written very well. No major grammar or spelling errors, and it looks good. This was translated by SaHa, BTW.


8.5/10. One of my favourite doujins. Definitely worth a read for any Negima fan.



Hi, peoplez! This is  my secong blog, the first being Otaku-Atheist. This site is gonna be a full-on otaku blog, mainly focusing on hentai doujinshi. If you don’t know what either of those terms mean or you know what they mean and find them disgusting, this probably isn’t the best place for you.

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